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Why Support Local Journalism?
Supporting local journalism is a vote for your local community. We keep the citizens informed and hold those in positions of authority accountable. We believe our newspaper of record — printed in black, cyan, magenta and blue ink twice a week — is a safeguard for a healthy democracy. Your donation is a way to show appreciation and enjoyment of our coverage each week, directly supporting the news of record in Shelby County. 
Why community support is necessary?
Our costs for printing and distribution (postage, paper, ink and employees) continue to rise at unprecedented rates, and we cannot and will not completely pass those costs on to our advertisers who are also feeling the pinch of inflation and rising costs. By directly supporting Shelby County’s weekly newspaper, you can help us continue to tell the important stories of our hometowns.
Who we are

We’re a small, family owned company (J. Louie Mullen) that cares about a work environment that is based on a family-first mentality, with the understanding that we serve the local community. We believe strong local news coverage is the backbone of any successful newspaper. We know that advertising in our products helps small businesses grow market share. We have ‘sister’ newspapers that can provide support and perform functions when needed across the platforms we share.

How can I participate?
You choose the amount of support you wish to provide. Use the form here, mail a check to PO Box 721, Harlan, IA 51537, or stop by our office at 1114 Seventh St in Harlan. (We love to see you in person.




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