Red Sox win over Storm Chasers in Westphalia

It was a hot day in Westphalia, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from coming out to watch the Old Timers baseball game between the Westphalia Red Sox and the Omaha Storm Chasers. The Red Sox won 9-3 in seven innings played.

Former Major League pitcher Curt Kaufman who played for the California Angels and the New York Yankees during the early 80s got the ball to start the game for the Red Sox.

“It’s been 55 years since I played my first game here in little league,” Kaufman said. “It’s kind of a full circle thing.”

Kaufman went on to talk about some fond memories from his days as a Major Leaguer before the action got underway.

“I got signed by the Yankees in 1979 and they actually had a scout come up here and scout me when the Red Sox and White Sox played,” Kaufman said. “That’s where I signed on it was on this ballpark, so that’s always interesting.”

Before the game and during it, kids of all ages were coming up to Kaufman to have him sign baseball cards and baseballs for them. He believes with the path he took, kids can one day make to that level.

“If you look at my story, anything is possible,” he said. “The town team back then was a very good league, the Iowa Western league.”



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