Muller wins Iowa-Nebraska WSO Championship

“Being called a local legend was such a good feeling.”­­ -Bella Muller, Exira-EHK High School Sophomore

Exira-EHK Sophomore Bella Muller continues to dominate in weightlifting taking home first place in the Iowa-Nebraska Weightlifting State Organization Championship.

Muller also took home first place in her age group and had significantly less body weight than the other girls she competed against.

“Taking first place in this competition was really big for me,” she said. “Of course, however, in the bigger picture, this competition doesn’t really mean anything, but it still means a lot to me.”

According to Muller’s mother, Ilee, the announcer had some kind words regarding Muller, describing her as a “local legend” during the competition.

“Being called a local legend was such a good feeling,” Muller added. “I think it’s amazing, and it just goes to show how far I’ve come on this journey. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication. You tend to miss out on everyday teenage things when your focus is solely on your sport and education. With that being said, in that moment, I knew some of that hard work was paying off. It was worth the dedication.”

When Muller is not competing at an event, she works hard and trains to become better for each competition she faces.

“A workout normally consists of snatching, cleaning, jerking, either pulls or deadlifts and squats,” Muller said. “We squat a lot. Staying in shape is simple when you are in the middle of a program as I am right now. If I continue to get good sleep, eat well and train hard, all is well.”

Muller has competed in other events such as the USA Olympic Weightlifting Youth Nationals, the Olympic Weightlifting Youth Nationals competition in Detroit in 2021, and the same competition earlier this year in Las Vegas.

The future is bright for Muller, as she intends to perform in other events down the road.

“I am currently registered for Testify’s Christmas Classic on Dec. 3,” Muller said. “This event is just another local meet that we go to for platform experience. We don’t really train for this competition. We just go and use it as a time to max out our lifts. It helps my coach get a good sense of how the program is working.”



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