Harlan swim team set for conference meet

Saturday in Audubon, the Harlan swim team will be competing in a conference meet after eight previous swim meets starting back on June 8.

“The thing I’m most excited about for this one would definitely be the amount of kids going,” said Harlan Swim Team Head Coach Levi Culp. “When I was in high school and even last season, I only had about 30 kids going to the conference meet and this year I have about 48.”

With the amount of kids Culp coaches, he spoke on behalf of the joy he takes in being their swim coach each day.

“Just seeing all the smiles on their faces when I give them their ribbons,” Coach Culp said. “I take a lot of pride in it.”

Their most recent swim meet was June 29 when Harlan hosted Audubon and Woodbine. Culp highlighted what he’s most proud of to this point in the season.

“How hard these kids work,” he said. “They’re always asking me which records that they can break next. It’s honestly really cool.”

With the kids ranging from the ages of 8-15, Culp acknowledged the improvements that they’re willing to make.

“Most of it is certain stroke improvements and how much more that they’re willing to do,” he added. “Some of the workouts at the beginning of the season they just blow through now at practice.”



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