Harlan alumni finishes second in triathlon

Lucy Borkowski, a 2020 graduate of Harlan Community High School currently attends Dordt University recently participated in the University of Okoboji Triathlon and finished second in the women’s category with an overall time of 1:36:44, just two minutes behind the overall leader.

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect because it was the first triathlon I’ve ever done,” Borkowski said. “I guess to walk away with second place is pretty good. I was shocked as well. I had a fun time overall.”

Borkowski is on both the cross country and the track teams at her school and expressed interest to her assistant coach, who is invested in IronMan triathlons, that she would like to compete in one.

“He is always training for them and I’ve expressed interest in doing a triathlon because I also like to swim,” she said. “He noticed that I like to swim and that I’m decent at swimming, so he just told me, ‘we just have to get you biking and you could do a triathlon.’”

Due to being a part of the cross country team at her school, Borkowski specified that she does devote a lot of time to running with the team, even though she may not devote as much time to the other two areas of a triathlon.

“We do some pretty heavy running in the summer for cross country training,” she added. “Our women’s team is up to running around 40 miles a week. I usually run six days a week.”

While Borkowski considers herself to be a strong runner, she does consider herself to be a strong swimmer as well having some swimming experience prior to college. She mentioned cycling is an area for improvement.

“I did swim teams a lot in high school and middle school,” Borkowski said. “I feel like I excelled in swimming as well as running, but I definitely lost time in the cycling part. That’s what I’ll work on in the future.”

Borkowski sees another triathlon in her future as a possibility, but for now plans to devote time to cross country with the new season approaching.

“There is a triathlon in Manson in August I might do, but I’m not for sure because we’re getting closer toward the beginning of cross country season, so I’m focusing more on running.”



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