Arkfeld’s late 3-pointer secures victory

In the fourth quarter with just over a minute remaining and the Cyclones holding onto a 1-point lead, Senior Will Arkfeld got possession of the ball with a pass from Jozef Reisz and made a 3-point shot, putting the Cyclones up by four, en route to a 48-37 victory.

“I kind of got the ball, and kicked it back up top, and they got it in to Jozef, and I just slid back to the corner, and found an open shot, and just shot it up there,” Arkfeld said.

The Cyclones scored the first bucket of the game courtesy of Senior Jason Erlemeier. Following that, shots were hard to come by, with the Monarchs going on an 11-0 run with shots from Seniors Kole Towne and Lance Arkfeld. Senior Cyclone Franz Reisz got the Cyclones back on track with a bucket, cutting the Monarch lead to seven. Both teams continued to exchange buckets for the remainder of the quarter with the Monarchs holding onto a 6-point lead.

Senior Cyclone Brehden Eggerss put the Cyclones right back in the driver’s seat launching a 3-pointer to open the second quarter, making it a one possession game. The Monarchs scored the next two buckets when Sophomore Blaine Grady made a 3-pointer, followed by a mid-range bucket from Senior Luke Wiebers, who was fouled in the act of shooting, but couldn’t sink the extra point.

Senior Cyclone Quinn Koesters helped chip away at the Monarch lead when he launched a 3-pointer, followed by another shot from Eggerss. Jozef Reisz scored the final bucket of the half putting the Cyclones down 20-18.

“We weren’t very pleased with how we played, but we were down just a bucket,” said Cyclone Head Coach Mitch Osborn. “We said the first three minutes of the quarter is going to be key.”

Erlemeier started the third quarter with a 3-pointer, putting the Cyclones up by one. The Monarchs responded in a big way matching  Erlemeier’s shot from a 3-pointer from Senior Jake Fink.

Franz Reisz scored the next two baskets for the Cyclones giving them a temporary lead before Lance Arkfeld tied the game at 25. Following Arkfeld’s shot, both teams were locked in a horserace with the final two shots of the quarter coming from Wiebers to make it a 33-31 game.

Will Arkfeld opened the fourth quarter with a 3-pointer, but the Monarchs were continuing to keep pace with the Cyclones as Senior Monarch Chandler Perrien responded with a 3-point shot, forcing a timeout from Osborn.

When play resumed, Lance Arkfeld was fouled, missing both shots, but got the ball back with a chance to redeem himself and came up successfully tying the game at 36, forcing another timeout from Osborn.

When play resumed, Senior Cyclone Cade Sears scored a layup putting his team up two points, forcing a timeout from Monarch head coach Derek Fink. When play resumed, Jake Fink was fouled, making one of two shots, putting his team down by one.

The Cyclones were fouled a few more times, but hung on for the win, their 6th victory in their previous 7 games.

“I think defensively we are playing terrific,” Osborn said. “Defensive and rebounding travels and that’s going to be there each and every night, and we don’t know how it’s going to be shooting every night, but I think we’ve just got to come out and be mentally prepared as these games are going to be tough.”

The Cyclones return home Thursday at 7:30 p.m. to take on the 8-7 Glenwood Rams. The Rams are led by Kaden Anderson 15.7 points and 3.5 assists per game, along with Casey Godbout averaging 5.7 rebounds per game.

“It’s always fun playing at home with a full crowd there,” Arkfeld said. “I think we just need to shut down their main shooters, and don’t let them get any easy shots.”



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