Sternberg moving to different side of vet medicine

The owner of Harlan Veterinary Associates & Referral Center has decided to move into a different side of veterinary medicine.

“I’ve enjoyed my 14 years here and 23 years as a practicing veterinarian,” Matthew Sternberg said. “There are many careers as a vet and I was approached about this opening with Virbac Animal Health as a Professional Services Veterinarian. It will give me the opportunity to meet other vets and network a little more and do something different from day to day practice.”

Sternberg said Kristen Westgaard purchased the practice and has been in the field for nine years.

“I think I’m leaving the clinic in good hands,” he said. “She starts Nov. 28 and I’m staying through Dec. 30.”

Sternberg said he’s been in the clinic long enough to see people from getting a new puppy all the way to end of life.

“I’ve enjoyed it. Me owning this practice and growing it served its purpose,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing a different side of the field and still being able to contribute to veterinary medicine.”



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