County Snow Ordinance Amendment Proposed
The last couple of years the snow has been moderate. But when we have more significant snow, they leave windrows, little strips along the road, and piles along the side. The primary issue is safety." -- Shelby County Engineer Dan Ahart

OUNTY – Shelby County is proposing an amendment to its winter road maintenance ordinance that would spell out financial penalties for residents who push snow into the roadway.
               The county’s board of supervisors will have a first reading of the ordinance change at its next meeting Tuesday, Dec. 15.  The hearing is open to the public.
    County engineer Dan Ahart said with below normal snowfall the past two years the problem has only been sporadic, but in heavier snow years it becomes a matter of safety.  Residents in the rural areas routinely push snow from their lanes across the roadway, leaving windrows on the road, and drifts that may not be off the traveled portion of the road and in the ditch where it is supposed to be piled.



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