Shortages affect businesses locally, nationwide

    REGIONAL -- Businesses nationwide have recently experienced shortages and price increases on a wide variety of products, from beef to bullets.
    Many of the shortages are a result of slowed production during the pandemic and increased demand as the economy reopens.
    Firearms and ammunition have been impacted by shortages caused by soaring demand.  
    “Prices have been creeping up for the last 17 months,” said Vernon Schwarte, manager of Thunder Guns West gun store in Harlan.
    Schwarte said demand for products has increased “exponentially” in recent months. He said many products are backordered, causing shortages in the store and price increases when the products become available.
    “I don’t expect a drop in demand or prices anytime soon,” Schwarte said. “This is far worse than anything that has ever run through here before.”

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