Shelby County implements fire danger monitoring

    COUNTY -- Shelby County Emergency Service Officials, including Fire Chiefs, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Management will begin twice weekly updates on local fire danger conditions.
    Signs placed strategically in each community, primarily at the fire stations will indicate what the fire danger is for any particular day.
     This program, implemented in 2010, resulted in a reduction of fire responses county-wide. The continuous bi-weekly fire danger assessments are provided by e-mail to the media, fire chiefs, and others who support the program on their web pages, through radio, and cable TV information pages.
    This has reduced the need for our county to implement a complete burn ban.
    When someone has the need to burn a pile of brush, debris, or buildings, they are asked to contact the Emergency Management Agency at 755-2124.
    The dispatchers will obtain the location and nature of the planned burn and will provide the caller with the Fire Chiefs contact information.          “Through this expanded communication process, we have found some burns can be rescheduled to a different time of day, where wind and moistures are more acceptable,” said Shelby County Emergency Management Director Bob Seivert.
    “The Fire Chiefs can have input as to how the burn can be conducted safely and be aware of the activity should it become unmanageable.”
    Shelby County has four color coded distinct levels:
     Low  – You are asked to call in and report your burning projects to dispatch at 712-755-2124, and notify your local Fire Chief.
    Moderate – You are asked to call in and report your burning projects to dispatch at 712-755-2124, and notify your local Fire Chief.  Timing for burns should be morning, or evening hours and extinguished by dark unless authorized by Fire Chief due to possible impacts to roads and health from smoke.  Burns must be monitored at all times.
    High – Burning of any kind is restricted unless approval is received from local Fire Chief.  Controlled burns that are not reported will result in Fire Department being dispatched, and Fires extinguished if determined to be un-safe.  
    Please call 712-755-2124 with questions.
    Extreme – Burning is prohibited, unless you have a signed permit from the local Fire Chief.  
    Fires on Extreme days can grow rapidly and pose a risk to the Health and Safety of the Community.  If you have any questions please call 712-755-2124.
     The Emergency Management Agency uses a combination of the National Weather Service, actual local field measurements, and assessment of local conditions in determining the potential for dangerous fires.
    With continuing dry weather expected, the availability of fuel through the drying out of the crops will continue to increase the potential for devastating fires, here, in Iowa.
     The goal is to prevent fires, through good communication, public cooperation, and planning.



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