Senator Grassley visits Molded Products, Inc. during state-wide tour

Harlan - U.S. Senator Charles Grassley stopped by Molded Products, Inc. in Harlan Aug. 28 as part of his annual 99-county tour through Iowa. Sheri Tyrrel, Vice President/CAO of Molded Products, guided a tour for the Senator and a dozen community representatives.
Following the tour, Senator Grassley took questions from those in attendance.
He has not yet received the 2023 Farm Bill, but Grassley is optimistic it will be addressed and passed without the need for a one-year extension. He said family farmers seem most concerned about leaving the federal crop insurance program alone, tweaking the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), and increasing funding for research and foreign market sales. He expects the most controversial points of the bill will relate to work requirements and  funding of nutrition programs (including food stamps), which comprises 84% of the Farm Bill budget. The Senator does not expect to see a significant increase in spending beyond the current Farm Bill.
Grassley addressed the Summit Carbon Solution proposed pipeline in general teams, stating that it is not a federal government issue, but is in the hands of the Iowa Utilities Board. He did say that California is currently considering legislation that would prohibit the development of carbon or any other pipeline projects until the federal government adopts safety regulations that must be adhered to.
When asked about increased Medicaid and other funding made available during the COVID pandemic, the last of which will expire in 2025, he believes those funds should revert back to pre-pandemic levels.
“When you do something because of the pandemic, and the pandemic’s over, wouldn’t you think you would go back to where you were before? That’s what common sense tells me,” he said
Congress will re-convene after the Labor Day holiday, and Grassley anticipates the greatest concern will be to address and pass the Appropriation Bill. Attention will also be given to the Farm Bill, FAA authorization, and the Flood Insurance Bill.
With 16 candidates seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for President, Grassley was hesitant to endorse anyone in particular at this point.
“We want everyone to come to Iowa,” referring to the candidates leading up to the first-in-the-nation republication caucus. He stressed how important it is for the state’s economy and bringing attention to Iowa, and therefor has not yet officially endorsed a candidate. He did go on to say he thinks highly of South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott. He appeals to a wide audience, and “he has demonstrated what he can do as a senator,” Grassley said.
    Senator Grassley stressed the importance of staying in touch with his 3 million constituents, and invited anyone with comments or questions to contact his office in Council Bluffs at 712-322-7103.
    Molded Products primarily provides consumables for the hemodialysis market, manufacturing a portfolio of over 200 of its own medical devices. In addition, the company’s 53 employees also manufacture for other industries, including plasma instrumentation, lift gate equipment, semi-conductors, farming innovations, self-defense, and meat processing. Every month the injection molding and machining facilities produce a combined 3.6 million pieces.
    The company, established in 1986, is a full–service custom injection molder, providing mold design, engineering services, mold manufacturing, injection molding, assembly, and packaging. Molded Products is also a full-service machine shop specializing in the machining of complex shaped parts (plastics and metals) requiring innovative tooling and fixturing.



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