Selfish Motorist Damages New Linden Road Pavement

    DEFIANCE –  An unknown motorist moved a barricade on a freshly-paved portion of Linden Road south of Defiance late last month and caused damage to the new road, shortening its life span in the process.
    Shelby County Engineer Brandon Burmeister confirms that the morning after the concrete slab was poured, a motorist drove around the barricades and across the new pavement.  The slab was poured Wednesday, June 23 and was driven across before 7 a.m. the next morning.
    “It was more than a truck that went through the area,” Burmeister said.  “The next day someone had taken the fence across the roadway down and traffic was driving around the barricades and utilizing the roadway.”

Full article in the NA.

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