Second telecom appraisal estimates $3 million value

$62,612.81 in petition costs so far --

By Bob Bjoin, Editor
    HARLAN – The Harlan Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees last week received and filed a second appraisal of its telecommunications utility as part of a required process following the presentation of a petition asking for a public vote to dispose of the utility.
    HMU Chief Executive Officer Ken Weber said the appraisal from LWBJ is one of three required as a result of the petition.  The first one was accepted earlier this year, and an asset appraisal was received and filed last month.
    “This is the second appraisal,” Weber said.  “We have both appraisals as well as the asset appraisal.
    “We had to retain an appraiser working for us and then we had to retain a second appraiser recognized by the Iowa Utilities Board. Then the third appraisal was to appraise the assets.”

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