Rose Hill Archway damaged in mishap

     KIRKMAN -- The archway at the entrance to the Kirkman Rose Hill Cemetery sustained substantial damage Wednesday, June 30 after being hit by a piece of farm equipment.
    “It wasn’t vandalism,” said Dan Mickelson, president of the Douglas Township Trustees and overseer of the cemetery. “It was just a miscalculation.”
    The same archway has been at the cemetery since 1894 and has been maintained with minimal upkeep.  Mickelson said they plan to reuse the original sign and some of the fretwork in the new archway.
    “We are going to try to use as much of the original sign as possible,” Mickelson said.  However, he said the main structure of the archway is unusable. Mickelson did not clarify how the damage occurred or who was responsible.
    “It was a local person and accidents happen,” Mickelson said.  A timeline for repair and replacement of the archway is currently unclear.  (Photos by Molly Blanco)



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