Pastor Donna Ewert retiring after 20 years

‘God has some really cool plans’

 HARLAN — For several years, Pastor Donna Ewert and the children in her congregation have created butterfly habitats.
 It is an annual project Ewert started when she was a teacher, so this marks the 35th year she has given  children the opportunity to observe the transformation from larval stage to chrysalis to butterflies.
 After the metamorphosis, the Painted Ladies are released into the butterfly garden at Harlan’s Congregational Church of Christ.
 Donna Ewert seemed surprised to find the first butterfly had recently emerged.
 “It’s neat for the kids to be able to see. God has some really cool plans,” the pastor said.
 Ewert, affectionately known throughout the community as Pastor Donna, has served as the Congregational Church of Christ’s pastor since August 2002.
 She will deliver her last sermon Sunday, July 24, around the time the newly-formed butterflies will be set free.



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