Myrtue closely monitoring COVID-19 outbreak

Neola man confirmed to have coronavirus

    REGIONAL – While Shelby County has yet to see a case of COVID-19, individuals who have tested positive are closer to the county.
    It was reported this week that a second positive case of coronavirus was identified out of Pottawattamie County Friday, and the individual is only 25 miles away from Harlan.  He is a Neola man with existing medical conditions, and no recent travel history.  Officials said he’s currently at the UNMC Intensive Care Unit.
    Officials said the man was at the DaVita Dialysis clinic in Council Bluffs March 16 while symptomatic.
    Myrtue Medical Center, serving Harlan and the greater Shelby County area, continues to closely monitor and prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has a part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.
    According to the CDC, older adults and people with severe chronic conditions such as heart, lung or kidney disease as well as diabetes, may be at a higher risk for severe illness. It is especially important for you to reduce the risk. Take care of your health by washing your hands often for at least 20 seconds, cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, avoid contact with people who are sick and disinfect surfaces in your home. It is a priority to protect the senior members of our community. During this COVID-19 outbreak, it is best to stay at home, avoid crowds and protect yourself.
    Patients coming to Myrtue Medical Center are discouraged from bringing more than one visitor with them unless absolutely necessary.  This limitation should be one healthy adult, no children. This includes one healthy visitor with a patient for doctor appointments, testing, and hospitalization. For our OB patients and their families’ safety, Myrtue is limiting Birthing Center visitors to one healthy adult during the entire stay. Children may visit in the OB waiting room but not in the locked OB corridor. The visitor limitation will not apply to our Hospice patients.
    Elective surgeries are cancelled starting Monday, March 23, 2020. Specialty Clinic appointments will remain unchanged unless you are notified.  We are communicating with patients who may be affected.  
    To abide with the restaurant closings and social distancing guidelines, our seating area of the cafeteria is now closed until further notice. The cafeteria is still serving food on a to-go basis.
    Use credible sources for information to reduce gossip and fear. Credible sources include the Iowa Department of Public Health or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention webpages. At the local level, please follow Myrtue Medical Center’s webpage and social media (facebook and twitter) and the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce. Weekly Harlan newspaper articles also provide information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


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