Many unopposed in Tuesday’s municipal election

    COUNTY – Harlan Mayor Gene Gettys, Jr. will be seeking his third term in office, running unopposed for office in Tuesday’s municipal election.
    Gettys and a host of others in communities throughout Shelby County filed nomination papers by the deadline in September, for positions as mayor or on local city councils.
    Polls will be open Tuesday, Nov. 3 from noon-8 p.m.
    Harlan City Councilmembers seeking re-election to their current seats are David H. Pedersen (Lincoln at-large), David F. Miller (ward 2), and Sharon Kroger (Center at-large to fill vacancy).  Councilmember Dan Schumacher (ward 4) is not seeking re-election.  Greg Bladt has filed nomination papers to fill the ward 4 council seat.  All are unopposed for the council positions.
    Following is a list of those who have filed nomination papers for mayor or council in the other Shelby County communities:
Mayor:  James S. Borcher
Council (2):  Diane Plumb and Richard Wiig
Mayor:  Alan J. Wilwerding
Council (2):  Larry Patterson and Keith E. Christensen
Mayor:  Larry O. Keane
Council (2):  Steve Wegner
Mayor:  Jay Wageman
Council (2):  Tracy Bruck and Brandon Boger
Mayor:  Jerry Gross
Council (2):  Nick May and Jerome Schneider
No one running for mayor or council
Mayor:  No one running
Council (2):  Teri Dunn
Mayor:  Ron Kroll
Council (3):  Doyle Gilland, Jackie Hursey, Kathie Pitt, Bob Richmond and Sheila M. Rihner
Mayor:  James W. Brantner
Council (3):  Mark Tearney
Elk Horn
Mayor:  Stan Jens
Council (3):  Tim Fredericksen, Danny L. Petersen and Nathaniel Alan Potts


Where should I vote?
•  Defiance, St. Joseph Church Hall, Earling
•  Earling, St. Joseph Church Hall
•  Elk Horn, Elk Horn City Hall
•  Harlan Wards 1-4, Therkildsen Activity Center
•  Irwin, Irwin Community Building
•  Kirkman, Irwin Community Building
•  Panama, St. Joseph Church Hall, Earling
•  Portsmouth, Therkildsen Activity Center, Harlan
•  Shelby, Shelby Community Hall
•  Tennant, Shelby Community Hall
•  Westphalia, St. Joseph Church Hall, Earling



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