The Lure of the Great Outdoors

Curtis Schnack says from an early age he fell in love with conservation, wildlife and habitat

    SHELBY COUNTY – Curtis Schnack is excited to be back home doing the things he loves, meaning anything that has to do with the outdoors.
    A 2016 graduate of Harlan Community High School, Schnack has joined the Shelby County Conservation Department as a naturalist and park technician.  
    He’s been excited this past spring and now into summer working with naturalist Christina Roelofs on programs for kids – everything from ice fishing and seeding to fishing and kayaking, besides his park duties.
    If it’s outdoors, Schnack is on board.
    “From as early of an age I can remember,” I wanted to be involved with conservation, said Schnack.  “Both of my parents and all of my siblings played a major role in my early love of the outdoors.”
    An avid fisherman, hiker, animal observer and all-around outdoorsman for all of his life, Schnack has developed a deep passion for hunting and cooking wild game dating back to his high school days.


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