Logo’d Up: How it’s made

EARLING — Heather Kohles and Jill Schiltz are siblings and, together, make up the team that runs Logo’d Up in Earling.
The business typically completes roughly three orders a day. They have done many orders in the local area, from volunteer shirts to making several county fair t-shirts across the region.
Logo’d Up prints on and sells several different types of clothing, such as shirts, koozies, sweatpants, sweatshirts and hats. The business also offers embroidery.
The process is simple; buyers contact Logo’d Up through an email. They will send over some ideas for what they want to have printed. From there, the business creates a mockup to send back to ensure everything is correct and ready to be printed.
The final design is printed on a film; each color receives its own film to keep things clean. That film is then burned onto the screen that will be used to actually print the design onto the clothing or specialty product. Screens come in a variety of different mesh counts, and which screen gets used depends on the size of the design and the colors the buyers want. After printing the screens, they are washed off and dried to leave behind the design to be printed. After the design is printed, the items will go into a dryer to seal the ink, and then it is ready to be shipped.
Kohles and Schiltz enjoy their line of work because every day is different and rewarding in its own way.
“Printing the shirts is probably the most rewarding part; it’s fun to be creative,” Schiltz said.
 “It took a long time to get where we’re at now.”




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