Introducing IKM-Manning’s Foreign Exchange Student

            As we jump into a new school year at IKM-Manning, we’ve seen many new faces. One face that stands out in particular is Nuria Bachhofer, a foreign exchange student for the 2022-23 school year.

            Bachhofer is a senior and is from Stuttgart, Germany. She enjoys the fun, diverse atmosphere that IKM-Manning has to offer. She is currently residing with the Brian and Heather Reissen family.

            Bachhofer has two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. She also has two cats named Millie and Franzi, and a dog named Cleo.

           Bachhofer shared about her favorite foods in the United States and Germany and how they compare.

           “My favorite American food is probably Rice Krispies, but my favorite German food is probably bread,” she said. “The bread in Germany is way better than the bread here.”

            While attending IKM-Manning, Bachhofer is involved in band, choir and volleyball. She enjoys the wide selection of classes at IKM-Manning.

            Let’s all give Bachhofer a warm welcome and thank the Reissen family for providing her a place to stay while she studies abroad in America.



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