HMU says natural gas prices continue to hold steady

    HARLAN -- The cost for natural gas from Harlan Municipal Utilities for the upcoming winter heating season is the same as last year, according to Doug Hammer, Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Relations at HMU.
    “In 2012, we signed a multi-year agreement to purchase natural gas at $4.59 per thousand cubic feet,” said Hammer.  “This means the cost of gas for this heating season will be the same as it was for last year.
    “Our philosophy is to look ahead and try and buy gas in the future at the best price we can find. We’ve already purchased gas for next year at $3.96 or 4.3 percent cheaper than this year. We typically purchase about 70 percent of our historic average before the heating season starts and then, if necessary, purchase additional gas at the daily market rate as needed to meet demand on any one day.”



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