Harlan seeks title to abandoned property

    HARLAN -- The City of Harlan has filed a petition in Shelby County District Court last month, seeking title to an abandoned property located at 910 Court St.
    According to court documents, the defendants are Stephen R. Nichols, owner of the property; and others who may have an interest in the property --  unknown spouse of Stephen R. Nichols, party in possession, Melissa Nichols, State of Iowa, United State of American Rural Housing Service, United States Dept. of Agriculture, Myrtue Medical Center, State of Iowa Department of Human Services, HyVee Foods, Tax 104 Partnership, and Shelby County, Iowa
    The city alleges that the property is currently abandoned, unoccupied, exposed to the elements, with no utilities being provided to the property.  It is alleged that the property has become a nuisance where vermin and rodents gather if not otherwise addressed and may become a danger to the health, safety and welfare of neighboring properties.



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