Esports and gaming is growing at HCHS

HARLAN — Students at Harlan Community High School recently completed their Spring Esports season, finishing in the top 20 in the midwest region.  The division included teams from over 150 schools from 16 States and Canada.  This was the first year that HCHS has participated in high school Esports.  The High school gaming club started in the fall of 2020 with the leadership of several students and grew very quickly.  Within a month the club had 30 members.  The club’s initial goal was mainly social, giving students an opportunity to gather with others of similar interest and have fun in a positive way.  The club has since expanded to participate in competitions and Esports as well.  Currently the Gaming Club has over 40 student members.  This spring, the HCHS Gaming Club participated in Super Smash Bros. and  Mario Kart Esports leagues through the PlayVS platform.  This platform pairs high schools up by region and skill level in an 8 week regular season followed by a single elimination tournament.  For Super Smash Bros., teams are composed of 3 players.  Each player is matched against another player from an opposing school and completes a best of 3 set in the melee battle game.  Much like a tennis match, our top player is paired with their top player and so on.  A team must win 2 out of 3 sets to win the match.  Mario Kart functions as more of a team game.  Each team has 4 players and competes in a best of 3 series with another team.  Points are tallied by individual placement after each race and the team with the most total points after 6 races wins the set.



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