EMS conference returns to Harlan

    HARLAN — A high-flying visitor — UnityPoint Health LifeFlight — landed in the parking lot across from the Therkildsen Center Saturday as part of the yearly EMS conference. More than 70 nurses, EMTs, and paramedics attended the conference.
    Hanah Hill drove three hours from home to attend.
    “I like to go to different areas and hear different people speak,” she said. “I’m pretty new at this but it keeps it interesting.”
    Cody Peterson said he’s been in the medical field for almost 15 years.
    “I just love the networking with other people and hearing from different speakers instead of the same ones,” he said. “They’ve had some great speakers and given updated information, which is great to have.”
    Attendees took classes on trauma, burns, strokes, heart attacks, carbon monoxide emergencies, PTSD, shock and respiratory distress. They also took a class on drugs out on the streets and how to combat them in the field.
    Jordon Sanders, EMS Service Director for Shelby County, said instructors came from around the state, as well as South Carolina. Ahead of the conference was a free heart savers CPR class for 20 people who are now certified for two years.
    Sanders said the program has grown over the years.
“The more people that want to get the education the better,” he said.



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