Drought means fewer mosquitoes, ticks this summer

    REGIONAL -- Lack of rain has kept mosquitoes and ticks at bay so far this summer, but a change in weather could lead to an increase in population later in the season.
    Iowa State Extension Entomologist Donald Lewis said the dry weather in Iowa this summer has resulted in fewer mosquitoes and ticks.
    “The drought in the last year has made it difficult for ticks to survive and thrive,” Lewis said. “The population [of mosquitoes] during a drought is also very low.”
    Mosquito and tick populations are currently low, but increased rain later in the summer will create a more attractive environment for the insects to live and may encourage an uptick in populations.
    Despite lower numbers of mosquitoes and ticks this summer, experts are still recommending Iowans take precautions to protect themselves against the insects.

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