Mental health awareness for teachers, parents
We need to educate ourselves on the signs and symptoms, and seek assistance at the onset of the early warning signs. It’s like any other major illness, such as cancer. You want to catch it in the early stages, where it’s easier to treat and cure. -- HCHS Guidance Counselor Leanne Travis on mental illness

    HARLAN --  Most teachers or school staff say working with students yields many rewards, but there also are challenges every day.
    The staff and faculty in the Harlan Community School District have strived to provide the best education for their students, as well as opportunities for involvement in a variety of extracurricular activities.
    Stories of success from students in the school district and beyond can make that effort worthwhile. Unfortunately, there are some stories of heartbreak staff and faculty see; the times when school officials have had to make calls or reports to police department or human service reports on behalf of a child. There are even some instances with students who have uninvolved and uninterested parents.
    “We do our best to reach out to those students and do our best to meet their needs and help them find success, but we only have them a few hours a day,” Leanne Travis, counselor for the Harlan Community High School.
    School officials as well as teachers and staff are working to make sure all students feel welcome and safe at HCSD. They hope to do that by enforcing good relationships between the students and their teachers.



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