County prioritizing $2.2 million in ARPA funding

    COUNTY – Shelby County currently is developing a plan of action on how best to spend federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds it has received.
    Estimates have Shelby County government allocated $2.22 million in ARPA funds that need to be committed by the end of 2024.  The county board of supervisors discussed a draft plan of distribution guidelines earlier this month including the release of a request application for eligible entities to seek monies beginning in August.
    “$2.2 million will be coming to the county through the American Rescue Plan,” said supervisor chairman Darin Haake.
    Shelby County Auditor Mark Maxwell said, “Half of our dollars have arrived.”
    Supervisor Steve Kenkel helped draft the distribution guidelines for the county to focus on six specific areas including public health and environmental health, mental health and public safety, county infrastructures and department services, business and community outreach, future projects, and lost county revenues.
    “I felt we needed some guidelines to follow,” Kenkel said.  “We have received half the money already.  We want to make sure between now and the first of June next year we don’t spend any more than that.”

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