City of Harlan begins curb project

 HARLAN — Harlan drivers may experience road closures, as curb and gutter replacement is taking place primarily along various sections of Willow, Durant, and Baldwin Streets over the next couple of weeks, and will likely continue into the middle of June.  
 Harlan City Administrator Gene Gettys said following this initial work, the asphalt mill and overlay process will begin. Based upon weather and contractor work schedule, the mill and overlay will likely begin near the end of June or early July.
 The project is nearly $1.4 million which includes $500,000 of USDA funding toward the project.
 Construction areas include Baldwin from 5th St. to 12th St., Durant from 12th St. to 19th St.,,Willow from 12th St, to 19th St, 9th St. from Chatburn to Elm,16th St. from Willow to Pine, Onyx Drive (partial), Morningview Drive, and the intersection at 7th and Pine. (Renée Brich, photo)



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