Breakfast by air

Omaha pilots land in Harlan for Milk & Honey

What do you do if you have a hankering for Milk & Honey but live in Omaha?

Hop in a plane and get there in less than 30 minutes. That’s what Steve Jeub and Rich Walker did recently, and have made a habit of it.

“We have to fly somewhere,” Jeub said. “We'll go to Yankton or Topeka. Anywhere within an hour or hour and a half out of Millard Airport in Omaha."

Walker said he and Jeub met three years ago.

“We’ve been flying out of Millard longer than that,” he said. “A group of people will fly in their own planes because they want to fly. We will meet sometimes twice a week if it's beautiful flying days. Our only mission with the plane is to go to breakfast.”

“We have to find an excuse to use it,” Jeub said. “Otherwise we might as well not buy an airplane.” 

Jeub flies a Piper Cherokee and Walker owns a Cirrus SR22.

Walker and Jeub have much longer flight plans this month with a fly over the Grand Canyon with a few stops in between.

They don’t get lonely up in the air as they can talk on the radio to each other.

“We are like aerial truck drivers,” Jeub said. “It’s like talking on the CB radios.”

Both started flying young and took breaks for raising kids and other life events.

“I started flying at 22 and quit until around 10 years ago,” Walker said. “I got back into it as the kids grew up and I made more money to buy a plane.”



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