$82,000 reported in unclaimed property

    DES MOINES — In celebration of National Unclaimed Property Day, held annually on February 1, State Treasurer Roby Smith is sharing the newest report of unclaimed funds in the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt for Shelby County.
    “In 2022, more than $82,000 was reported to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt for Shelby County residents, meaning you or someone you know could have money waiting to be claimed,” Smith said.
    For the celebration, Smith’s Office will be announcing names of individuals, businesses and non-profits from around the state who had unclaimed property reported to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt in 2022.
    “Follow Iowa Treasurer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and join us on February 1 as we highlight names recently reported to the State,” Smith said. “Even if you’ve checked for your name in the past, I encourage you to check our website again. You never know what might be waiting for you or someone you know.”
    Past and present Iowans can search anytime for their unclaimed property by visiting GreatIowaTreasureHunt.gov.
    Administered by the state treasurer, the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt is the state’s only legitimate unclaimed property source. Unclaimed property includes, but is not limited to, forgotten checking and savings accounts, uncashed checks, lost stocks, life insurance policies, utility security deposits and contents from abandoned safe deposit boxes.
    When businesses and entities are unable to locate the rightful owner of a property, it is reported to the State as unclaimed. The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt then works to locate the owner or heir of the assets so individuals can collect what is rightfully theirs.



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