“Beach You To It” BINGO coming soon, $750 in cash prizes up for grabs!

AREA — The Harlan Newspapers and three other local business sponsors will be offering everyone the chance to win part of $750. The “Beach You To It” BINGO contest will appear in the Friday, July 14 Harlan Newspaper.
 In addition, Elm Crest Retirement Community, Nelson Farm Supply and the Harlan Newspaper will have a limited number of BINGO cards to give away to those who do not subscribe to the newspaper, or to those who wish to play multiple cards, as no two cards are alike. Sponsors include Elm Crest Senior Living Community, Nelson Farm Supply, Essentia and the Harlan Newspapers. We ask those playing to be respectful and follow the rules.
 Beginning July 14, and in every Tuesday and Friday Newspaper until the game concludes, you will find four BINGO call numbers, one number in each of the four sponsor ads. If any of those numbers match those on your card, simply clip the number from the newspaper and adhere it to the card.
 $50 cash prizes will be awarded to those who first complete a “B”, “I”, “N”, “G” and “O”. The player who covers every space will receive a $500 Grand Prize. Individuals are eligible to win one $50 “Letter” prize, as well as the Grand Prize.
 Official rules will be posted on the Harlan Newspapers’ website,
 Watch the July 14 Harlan Newspaper for your BINGO card and get ready to play “Beach You To It” BINGO!



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