College Blvd. residents tired of fireworks hooligan

Alluding capture so far, residents say only a matter of time

HARLAN – Whoever is setting off fireworks in the College Blvd. neighborhood at all hours of the day and night and on any given day, take notice.
    There’s a group of residents who know who you are.  A couple have seen you do it.  And they may be willing to testify.  Eventually you will be caught and face justice.
    Those words come from area residents who have sought help from the Harlan Police Department and who wanted more information from the Harlan City Council last week on exactly what they can do about their own neighborhood situation.  The consensus was that this individual will be caught soon.
    They aren’t necessarily promoting a ban on all fireworks, just limiting them to a couple of days for celebration.  And catch the bad guys who thumb their noses at the rules and regulations, they said.  The council took notice and is working to amend city ordinance to do just that

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